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You will find a more uncomplicated menu in our newly opened restaurant than you were used to. However, this does not detract from the quality of the food at all - quite the opposite. The kitchen team prides itself on the quality of ingredients and techniques that make the meals an experience. You'll be pleased to know that our prices are also more affordable than what has been customary at Albrecht Restaurant. We no longer have to be frequented only by the "well-dressed businessman"; we are open to all who enjoy quality food and service. We emphasise premiumness - in terms of interior design, we bring a new design with brighter colours; in doing so, we want to awaken a fresh impression. And more importantly, we definitely want to avoid mediocrity - because we are not average.

Albrecht Restaurant in a new look

The architecturally designed restaurant environment, which offered an exceptional experience in the tradition of the Albrecht cruise café, is back. In the past, Albrecht was the place to go for a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or a dance. Nowadays, guests will find quality food and a pleasant atmosphere of times past in a new time.

We believe that the current concept of the Albrecht restaurant will be a pleasant change for our regular clients, and at the same time, it will become a challenge for new ones who like to discover the nooks and crannies of refined gastronomy.

We have renovated and refreshed the premises to which you have become accustomed. We have breathed a new breath of fresh air into them, and we are confident that you will enjoy your time with us so much that we will become a part of your days, celebrations, gatherings and significant life events. The restaurant's charming ambience is complemented by a conservatory and a summer terrace, sure to meet the requirements of anyone who enjoys an excellent working lunch, a tasty dinner or an afternoon dessert. The non-smoking part of the Albrecht Hotel restaurant offers 80 seats, and the garden terrace increases the capacity by another 100 seats. The restaurant part also includes a lounge - conference room with a 16-seat capacity.

Our chef has assembled a menu for you with fresh and seasonal ingredients. You will find classics in a new design and chef's specialities. We are also happy to welcome you to our weekly lunches, where you can discuss business matters.

About the chef

Our chef, Rudolf Feješ, belongs to the young hopes of Slovak top gastronomy. After finishing school, he worked in Italy, where he became enchanted with Italian cuisine and where he found his true love for gastronomy. There, he acquired the foundations he has been building ever since. After seven years, he returned to Slovakia and worked ten years as executive chef in a top Bratislava restaurant.

During COVID-19, he decided to take up an offer for a Bistro in Šamorín, where he was to help the business move forward. And he succeeded. He had the opportunity to be creative and expanded his culinary skills to include dishes from many other countries.

However, haute cuisine and fine dining beckoned him back, and so he accepted the offer from Albrecht Restaurant. However, the restaurant is reopening at this time after renovations and with changes to the menu. The new concept is a little bit fine dining and a little bit bistro because, as a team, we decided to be closer to people and thus give everyone a taste of the new Albrecht. In his work, the chef prefers to use mainly home-grown ingredients, which he modifies in a new way - using new technologies, techniques and adaptations. In this way, he can achieve inimitable flavours and an experience on the plate. Come and see for yourself.


In addition to the restaurant, the Albrecht Hotel also has a cocktail bar, offering guests a wide selection of premium drinks - from spirits, liqueurs, and fine cognacs to Caribbean rum. The bar's cocktail portfolio responds to current bartending trends, and alongside classic, lightly innovated drinks, fine wines also have their place. The well-considered oenological selection will satisfy even the most demanding lovers of good Slovak and foreign wine. Of course, coffee fans are not forgotten either, who can enjoy this invigorating fragrant drink in high quality. The sweet spot at the end in the form of the current offer of desserts will indeed also please.


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